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Baby Registry and Gift List Service


With your busy schedule, balancing work and baby preparations can be time sensitive.  Of course, we know you want to ensure that your baby has everything he or she needs, but finding the time to select your baby things, manage your baby registry or to visit a baby department store to scan items onto your baby registry are not options suited to your fast paced lifestyle.  


We help busy parents-to-be organize their baby registry or gift list.  With our service your baby registry or gift list will be compiled with your must haves and shared with family and friends in time for your baby shower. 


Registering with Roselle Andrea, you can expect:

  • A stress-free service
  • A blissful shopping experience for guests
  • A range of baby essentials & luxury birth gifts
  • Ease in adding items to your registry
  • A convenient way guests can buy presents 
  • Manage your registry or gift list
  • Control & Privacy of preparations 

Your Baby Registry

Our baby registry service allows you to create your own baby registry, while on the go, from home, at work or online. You can select from our extensive luxury newborn essentials and gift range. Family and friends can access your registry online by typing in your name. 


Your Baby Gift List


Our gift list service is a popular service and first choice when seeking exclusive privacy.  Your registry or gift list will not be published online.  We will create your gift list. We keep it private.  And, we deliver copies personally to your family and friends. All gift orders are made for you by us. We update you regularly.


The Registry Process


Ready to style your baby's trousseau? Great!


First, we must consult, in person, online or by phone. Book your registry consultation today.   Then, we will put together  your baby registry or gift list.  If you select our online baby registry, we will provide cards for you to send to your family and friends letting them know you are registered with Roselle Andrea. 


Otherwise, if you select our baby gift list service, we will give you a copy of it and deliver a copy to your friends and family for you.  


For our complete suite of baby lifestyle styling options see our list of baby design services.   


Questions? Call us at (718) 723-2851 or email us now.


See how Roselle Andrea will inspire your planning and make the experience memorable!

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