Roselle Andrea

The Ultimate Baby Shower Planning Service


Need help planning or hosting a baby shower? We  can help you with venue scouting, theme and decor ideas, vendor selections, event favors, corporate swag, personal shopping, custom wrapping and every detail in between.


As a team of professionals, we help with the planning of a baby shower celebration for a family member or friend.  We can design the venue, suggest stationery or baby shower themes and create dainty menus.  And best of all, we are great at keeping the details a secret.


We will also help friends and family select luxury baby gifts to help welcome baby into the world. If you don't have the time to plan for baby shower, look no further. We will plan a shower that will be remembered forever!


Have a baby shower to plan? Let's brainstorm ideas and get the party plan in motion.   Book your baby shower consultation today. 


For our complete suite of baby interior styling options see our list of baby design services.   


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See how Roselle Andrea will inspire your event planning and make the experience memorable!