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You, Your Baby, Your Toiletries 


Most expecting mothers seek advice when it comes to buying toiletries for themselves and baby.  There is alot to think about:  Baby bath tubs, lotions, diaper rash creams, shampoos, diaper bags, nursing bras or organic products to name a few.


Once you have told us what you want, we will make product recommendations to you, shop for your selections and arrange your toiletries in baby's nursery and bathroom as part of our complete nursery design service. 


Having a personal consultant for your pregnancy toiletry preparations may seem a little bit extravagant.  But at Roselle Andrea, its a free service with your commission of any of our nursery design services.  


So why not treat yourself?  Mothers who use this service find it actually saves them money because they buy only what they need.  It also saves them time because they can leave the business of shopping for their baby toiletries and nursing accessories to someone else.  


Book your baby toiletry consultating today.  Once you have told us what you're looking for, you can relax while we get to work. 


For our complete suite of baby interior styling options see our list of baby design services.   


Questions? Call us at (718) 723-2851 or email us now.


See how Roselle Andrea will inspire your planning and make the experience memorable!

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