Roselle Andrea

Hospital Room Personalization for Expectant Mothers


There is nothing worse than a stale, boring and uninspiring hospital room when you are giving birth. As the premiere designer of hospital rooms for expectant mothers, Roselle Andrea can add special touches to your hospital room to create a more at-home feel. 


Reflecting your personal tastes and individual style, well turn that drab hospital room into a very special space. What do we focus on? Your sheets, pillows, beverages, flowers, entertainment, personal accessories - night gowns, robes slippers and more.


Our hospital room service also includes assembling a baby bag, a mom's bag and a bag for dad, all of which come complete with all the needed accessories. 


Ready to plan for your hospital delivery stay? Great! Book your nursery design consultation today. 


For our complete suite of baby interior styling options see our list of baby design services.   


Questions? Call us at (718) 723-2851 or email us now.


See how Roselle Andrea will inspire your hospital stay planning and make the birthing experience memorable!


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